Will You Go Crazy If You Don’t Avoid That U2 Ad Tonight?

Aug 27th, 2009 // 4 Comments

Since everyone’s feeling contentious today, here’s an argument for the ages: Which wore out its welcome more quickly, the Coldplay iTunes ad from last summer, or the U2 Blackberry ad that’s running on TV now? My vote is for the U2 ad, for two reasons: First, it seems to be on TV all the time, and second, its opening line about generations always, always makes me think back to Fury In The Slaughterhouse’s 1993 alt-rock also-ran “Every Generation Has Its Own Disease,” a song that haunted my freshman year of college and still reminds me of the worst parts of the rise of Q101-approved rock. In case you’ve somehow missed one (or both) of the spots, they’re after the jump!

Blackberry Loves U2

iPod + iTunes ad – Coldplay

Thanks to The Awl for changing the subject from hipsters! For at least a few minutes, anyway.

  1. Hmmm…I watch a buttload of tv, but have never once seen that U2 ad. Maybe it’s more of a major network thing, in which case I will thank God once again for DVR.

    That makes my vote go towards the Coldplay ad.

  2. I vote the U2 ad. I don’t watch TV, but I’ve seen it in front of EVERY movie I’ve seen at the theater as part of CineMark’s pre-film “entertainment”. Also, it’s reminded me how bored I’ve gotten with U2 lately – makes me long for the Achtung/Zooropa/Pop era.

  3. The U2 song wins by default, because it’s a fucking horrible song. The Coldplay was at least mildly enjoyable the first few dozen times I heard it.

  4. The U2 ad is much more annoying. I tend to enjoy the Apple ad style, plus “Viva La Vida” is a much better song. The Coldplay ad felt like the heralding of the next great thing, while the U2 ad is exactly what it looks and sounds like, a desperate bid for a weak album on the shoulders of an underwhelming third single.

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