Sean Kingston Tweets Song About Tweeting As The Internet Explodes

Dec 2nd, 2009 // 3 Comments

Like you didn’t see this coming 140 characters ago. In the distinguished footsteps of Gym Class Heroes’ MySpace ode “New Friend Request” and the Black Eyed Peas’ web-wide paean “Generation Now” comes a hip-pop anthem for Twitter, courtesy of awkward feature specialist Sean Kingston. As an early Christmas prezzie to his fans, Kingston released a free download of his ode to tweeting, “Twitter Song (Follow Me),” which you can pick up (where else?) on his Twitter page. Now go ahead an update your status to say you’re @idolator checking out the track:

Now it’ll only be another month or so til this song becomes completely dated. Unless of course an acclaimed director attached a famous pop star to a big-screen feature about Twitter. Hey, happened to Facebook.

  1. This is for-real isn’t it?

    I have nothing to say….

  2. ComeOnEileen

    Now that someone’s done it, we can all breathe a relieved sigh that we don’t have to wonder who’s going to do it — and rest secure that no one will do it again.

  3. @ComeOnEileen I can only hope your right though Lil Wayne and T-Pain remixes probably aren’t far away………………..

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