Rihanna Topless Again

Now this is therapeutic: Rihanna is evidently overcoming the embarrassment she suffered when nude photos of her leaked earlier this year… by posing topless on the cover of a mass-market magazine. (At least she’s controlling the timing—and the lighting!—this time out.) RiRi ditched the Disney reference and appeared in the tiniest pair of Daisy Dukes on the January cover of GQ. Part of her interview and another scandalous pic behind the jump (NSFW if you work in an uptight office that doesn’t approve of ogling underboob over the Internet):


Somehow we don’t think a loose-fitting knitted shrug is the most supportive bra, but Rihanna was never really a t-shirt and jeans kind of gal.

Rihanna spoke to GQ about moving on from her February 8 assault (via NY Daily News):

“It’s relieving,” she told the mag, “because it was built up for so long, and all these thoughts and emotions have been running through my mind for the past eight months. And now it’s like I finally get to let go and move on.”

“The physical pain comes and it goes. The bruises fade away. But the thing that stays with you is the emotional scars.”

“I wanted people to move on with me,” she continues, “’cause the last big thing they know about me is That Night. And I don’t want that to be what people define me as.”

“Nobody [helped me]. Really just music. And working,” she explains, “Cause I didn’t really want to be around anybody, for them to stare at me and stuff, and feel sorry for me.”