Watch Dakota Fanning Slither All Over The Floor In “Cherry Bomb” Music Vid

We’ve watched Dakota Fanning grow up on camera, so we pretty much regard her as our make-believe little sister. Our sweet, innocent, goody-two-shoes little sister. Which must be why watching D-Fan thrust, strut and shake in barely-there lingerie (not to mention be grabbed and groped by a guy) in this The Runaways video montage makes us feel, well, icky. You’ve already heard Dakota rock out as Cherie Currie on the film’s soundtrack—now you can watch the sixteen-year old in action after the jump. Just be prepared to feel super uncomfortable when you realize how much you enjoy it.

Dakota Fanning – “Cherry Bomb”

To be fair, this isn’t the first time this week we’ve felt awkward watching a teen star cross into more mature musical territory. But we think Dakota does a great job capturing Currie, and her courage to tackle such a sexual, gutsy role so early in her career indicates that she’ll more than likely transition into adult roles seamlessly.

How do you think of Dakota’s performance? Here’s the actual Cherie Currie rocking out to “Cherry Bomb” at a 1977 concert in Japan, because we love comparing things with other things:

[Via Buzzfeed]

  • jesalyn100

    i think taylor momsen wouldve been good at playing dakota fannings role.
    cause i mean taylor has that baddass look and that naughty style. and she has a band too. thats also baddasss so yah.but im not saying dakota sucks. but i think dakota looks good in this movie. :)

  • Heather

    Dakota Fanning is so talented! This girl can do anything she sets her mind to. By this video it is obvious that she does a great job playing her role. Watch out everyone…Dakota Fanning is the next big thing! She will soon be bigger then Kristen Stewart! GO DAKOTA!

  • Mary

    I think she looks like a slut, just like Kenndal Jenner in her bikini

  • Arc Floor Lamp

    I think she’s growing up, will be a good actress when she’s older

  • Kelly the Flooring Gal

    Haha, I love Dakota, she’s so awesome! She looks hot in this vid!