Diddy, Dirty Money And T.I. Say “Hello, Good Morning” With New Track

Diddy puts his Cîroc vodka bottle down for five seconds to bring us a new dance track off his upcoming release, Last Train to Paris, the club-thumping “Hello, Good Morning,” featuring T.I. and Diddy’s creation Dirty Money. (What, was the Mona Lisa not returning his calls?) The music mogul and budding comedian will be performing the song on American Idol this week, but you can listen to the track below.

[wpaudio url=http://idolator.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/Diddy_-_Dirty_Money_feat._T.I._-_Hello_Good_Morning.mp3 text="Diddy and Dirty Money feat. T.I. - Hello, Good Morning" dl="0"]

There’s nothing like waking up in the morning and hearing some explicit content blasted in your face. Lyrically and stylistically, it’s a pretty standard club track—over various synth beats, the song covers the usual topics: hot girls dancing, crowds waiting to have fun, and spending time in a “five star suite with some five star freaks getting high all week.” That’s a lot to take in before noon, isn’t it? 

“Hello, Good Morning” is sure to be a hit, since it’s perfectly tailored to be played for the dancefloor. There’s a reason Sean Combs is as succesful a producer as he is—he really knows what works. But honestly, we’re just overjoyed this song isn’t just a thinly-veiled four-minute commercial for any one of Diddy’s various products.

  • JHumpfrey11

    Feeling this like crazy, welcome surprise this AM

  • ChantelleLuvie

    Track got swag, my girlfriends love it, lookin forward to the summer with this music

  • Qamil

    Love this song. Great for summer.

  • Sachi

    I’m really enjoy­ing this song. T.I. killed it.

  • 2Tone

    I love this song. T.I. is the man! Beat is crazy!