Today In ‘Idol’: Season 9 Compilation Album Cover Is A Collage Of Hair-Don’ts

Apr 15th, 2010 // 3 Comments

:: Bye bye Katie and Andrew. Back to the Land of Idols Forgotten with ye two. [Idolator]

:: Next week, the Top 7 will sing inspirational songs for Idol Gives Back, and will be mentored by the classy and beautiful Alicia Keys. Her first word of advice to the contestants should be to never, ever attempt an Alicia Keys song on the show, since no one will ever come close to the original. [MTV]

:: Glambert’s ears are burning, and it’s not because he used too much hairspray and walked by an open flame—the contestants share their favorite Adam Lambert moments. [Idol Tracker]

:: Season 9′s Top 10 Idols have their own compilation album out on May 11, featuring a song by each contestant. Check out the track listing below, and whether we agree with the songs they picked or not. [MJs Big Blog]

1. Treat Her Like A Lady—Lee DeWyze (Lee’s take on “A Little Less Conversation” was better for us, but since that was performed just this week and most likely couldn’t have been recorded in time, this track is a great substitute.)

2. Forever—Andrew Garcia (If it couldn’t be his acoustic rendition of “Straight Up,” it may as well be this Chris Brown track, one of the few songs Andrew nailed.)

3. Paint It Black—Siobhan Magnus (We would have much preferred Aretha Franklin’s “Think” or Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game,” both which kept the Siobhan screeching to a minimum.)

4. Me And Bobby McGee—Crystal Bowersox (Perfect choice.)

5. Jealous Guy—Casey James (We concur.)

6. I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing—Aaron Kelly (There’s really nothing they could have picked of Aaron’s that would make us not skip this track over.)

7. Ready For Love—Michael Lynche (Good choice, but we wouldn’t have picked it over “This Woman’s Work.”)

8. Under My Thumb—Tim Urban (Really? Really? Well, it’s not like they had a lot of material to work with.)

9. Play With Fire—Didi Benami (This really should have been Kara’s “Terrified.”)

10. Let It Be—Katie Stevens (As this is Katie’s best performance, we approve.)


  1. 1chrisford1

    I was expecting comments on hair styles from the title. And I have to say I got a chance to listen to Siobhans “Across the Universe” and compare it to the Fiona Apple rework that inspired it. I get it, know where Magnus was going and her take is enchanting and note-perfect (as it was live)

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