Ciara Is In Full-On Fighting Mode In Her “Basic Instinct (U Got Me)” Video

Out of the blue, Ciara premiered a somewhat homemade-looking video for new song “Basic Instinct (U Got Me)” today via her Twitter—and girlfriend isn’t really pulling any punches on the diss track. (Is that Miss Keri she’s lashing out at?) “See I was out buyin’ Chanel bags, while I was doin’ that you turned up your swag,” Ciara raps. “Caught me slippin’, but get your hustle on, shorty, I ain’t trippin.” Ladies, ladies—can’t we just put the swagger-jackin’ and hair-pulling to rest? Watch “Basic Instinct (U Got Me)” after the jump.

“Basic Instinct (U Got Me)” comes days after “Ride,” Ciara’s official single off her upcoming fourth studio album Basic Instinct, popped up. Between these two jams, it sounds like it’s going to be one raunchy, bitchy affair.

“Ride” is due to be made available on iTunes on April 27. The Ciara/Keri Hilson beef, on the other hand, will probably be an ongoing, timeless endeavor.

  • smh

    I LOVED it! Ciara killed it.

    And keri is a shady that got what was coming for her. Now I want Bey to jab her.

  • Dat_Boi_Get_Em

    In the official version of the song, she says, I let ya in the game free / shorty whole album sound just like me/ Say you weren’t talkin’ bout me, but I know that you was talkin’ bout me!

  • Robbie Daw

    Smh, can't we call for some kind of peace accord amongst the divas?

  • yonna

    okay ciara. I hear you. lol this is a pretty great discover, she not a bad rapper

  • KaySade

    Ciara is doin her thing as usual experimenting with different forms of music n I’m glad she’s back. The video is on point it fits what she’s talkin about. No special effects or designer clothes or tryin to be cute, its straight up n rappin in some way fits w/ her. Do ya thing Ciara

  • Pretty Girl Rock Video

    Keri finally released an excellent song after the terrible Breaking Point! Pretty Girl Rock is my jam right now and I hope that Keri has a good album era this round.