The Jonas Brothers Join Katy Perry In Appreciating California With “L.A. Baby”

Is the California Board of Tourism paying off musicians? First Katy Perry flaunts her love for the golden coast with “California Gurls,” and now the Jonas Brothers wax poetic about the wonder and glory of Los Angeles in their catchy new song “L.A. Baby.” The rest of the country must be feeling left out this week, so until Madonna releases a musical love letter to Detroit, jump below to hear “L.A. Baby.”

Jonas Brothers – “L.A. Baby”

The song was recorded for the upcoming season of the boys’ Disney Channel show JONAS. It’s definitely a catchy little number, but the most detailed it gets into the lifestyle of actually living in Los Angeles/Hollywood are the following lyrics:

“Hollywood is the time the stars are shining For you and me, tonight in this city Where dreams are made of, where dreams are made of.”

Not very specific to the actual Hollywood scene, is it? At least Katy Perry listed off California iconography of palm trees, stilettos, and tankinis. Though to be fair to Kevin, Nick and Joe, we have a feeling their experience in Los Angeles was not typical of most people that live there. (Have they ever had to worry about relying on the incredibly unreliable public transportation system when their 1999 Toyota Corrolla breaks down on the side of the road? Or do they know what it’s like waiting two hours to get turned down by the bouncer at a Hollywood club? Have they ever been inside a Hollywood club? Exactly.)