Chris Brown Drops A “Deuce” With Tyga

Don’t be upset with us about the headline of this post—blame Chris Brown for naming a song “Deuces.” After attempting a brief career as a rapper on “Holla At Me,” Brown handed off rapping duties to Tyga for the slow, down-tempo “Deuces” off the pair’s upcoming mixtape. We’ll leave it up to you to decide whether the bitter, women-hating track is about Rihanna or just females in general.

Chris Brown feat. Tyga and Kevin McCall – “Deuces”

“All that bullshit’s for the birds,” sings a very mellow Brown on the Kevin McCall-produced track. “Always hoping for the worst, waiting for me to fuck up. You regret the day when I find another girl, she’ll know what just I need, she’ll know just what I mean when I try to keep it drama free.”

Tyga continues the sentiment, rapping, “Thought it was true love, but you know women lie.”

Ouch. As damning as some of the lyrics are, this emotional jam is actually a step in the right direction for Brown, who shows off his smooth vocals. We wish the song picked up a bit more in the end, but if it’s between this and Chris trying to come off as a bad-ass rapper, we much prefer this.

What do you think? Do you like Chris all downbeat, or do you wish he’d pick up the pace and released another fun-loving “Forever”?

[Neon Limelight]

  • tmnola

    Chris has dated other women since his breakup with Rihanna so it is just sh*t-stirring for anyone to presume that this song is about her. Chris recently parted ways with one particular female that some of his fans may be familiar with. Anyway, women don’t own the market on being heartbroken or trying hard to have a good relationship. You have some men who try to have good relationships but the women will self-sabotage the relationship.

    Anyway, I love the song off the first listen. Good joint!

  • sheila

    Love it !!!!

  • Stevo

    like tmnola said Chris dated plenty of girls after Rihanna. Besides he’s a singer which means he’s gonna sing about girls. This right here is cool. Chris is just showing yall that he’s talented. One minute he’s a rapper and the next he’s a singer. Good job Breezy.

  • CBLover

    well, watever

    he already said he was doin rapping for fun so i guess this just temporary

    but either way, i still love him to death!


  • ellis

    we still love you chris,no matter what.

  • Dannibbz

    L.O.V.E the song :) L.O.V.E Chris Brown… just cant get enuff of him

  • iloverealmusic

    absolutely love this song. anything Chris Brown records is amazing. Even the haters know that’s true.

  • keith Nkemka

    This Song is really cool.. I really Love Chris.. He’s sooo gifted

  • http://google andrew

    yho chris u de top dogg this hit is of de wook wt tyger in it show dem dat u are de best behind you al de way show dem chris show dem

  • kissthegyrl

    Love it……he’s so damn handsome!

  • http://yahoo kayla

    i think this song is 4 rihanna and i think she lied that boy did not hit her and he cant say it so he song it and rihanna is lying because he said you know women lye and he said give him back his ruby ring i cant stand rihanna

  • leane

    i found this song at

  • Commodos

    The song is very nice. I like it from the first listen. Chris is talented indeed!!

  • teamo

    I think its just a song and no one should take it personally and enjoy the beat and music that is mixed blended…by 3 artisit.

  • Uncontainable Spirit

    Hilarious @ Becky Bain… tis you who sounds bitter. LOL! Besides… you’re a ‘strong independent woman… what does it matter what a man does? LOL! Whew! You are too much.

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  • brebri taylor

    i love chris! never stopped

  • brebri taylor

    i will always love chris!


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  • Patricia

    So who would date a man who beats women?