Michael Lynche Shows His Comedic Chops On ‘Letterman’

May 18th, 2010 // 2 Comments

Michael Lynche was invited to swing by the Late Show With David Letterman last night. The latest American Idol castoff pretended to get ruffled by bandleader Paul Shaffer’s introduction of him, though. “I take a little issue with saying ‘being voted off,’ because people don’t vote for you to leave—you just don’t get enough votes to stay,” Lynche said. Hmmm. He’s got a point there. Well, then again, Dave didn’t think so: “No, he was voted off. Just get used to it.” Watch below.

The Astoria, New York native went on to explain that he started singing in junior high when he noticed that “ladies like it.” And before belting out “This Woman’s Work,” Big Mike told Letterman that the Late Show producers mentioned they’re going to be looking for a new host soon—which prompted this face:

David Letterman Michael Lynche Late Show(Note: Michael Lynche comes in at the 7:25 mark.)

  1. Big Mike really handles himself well, other people who “didn’t get enough votes to stay” tend to have teeth grinding awkward interviews. Performed the song well as usual though he could have tried something new.

    • I’m with you, Brandon — was hoping he’d have done a different song at this point. Great personality, and good to see him being charismatic outside the ‘Idol’ setting.

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