“All The Lovers” In Kylie Minogue’s New Video Are (Semi-)Naked

As we saw in the short preview of Kylie Minogue’s “All The Lovers” video last week, the Joseph Kahn-directed clip features the Australian pop minx hoisted above a pileup of semi-naked, writhing men and women in the streets of downtown Los Angeles. The full vid premiered yesterday and reveals that there truly are a lot of lovers that have gone before! And then there’s the giant white elephant floating above the street. Watch below!

By the end of the video, the mass of people has grown to the size of a building, a horse is running through the street and Kylie releases a white dove.

We’re sure there’s a wealth of symbolism in there, but we’re too busy re-watching the part where one lucky guy gets to grab Kylie’s rear over and over again.

  • thumper

    love it

    • Robbie Daw

      Somehow knew you would!

  • http://www.IMeanWhat.com Abe

    Kylie’s new video…what do you think? I am feeling Fire Island Morning Party.

    I MEAN…WHAT?!?

  • http://twitter.com/BrandonJovan Brandon Hall

    What in the flying saucer hell was that mess? That was absolutely terrible and the song is so bland.

  • Michael

    The symbolism is pretty easy.

    Playing off the Aphrodite (album’s title) theme: She is the goddess of love, bringing all the lovers together on top of her metaphorical mountain.

    The white elephant comes from an Eastern saying: “love lets elephants fly” (I actually first thought of ‘the white elephant in the room’ which I thought was clever – that in the ugly world of today that love and beauty are the white elephants in the room).