How Long Till M.I.A. Tweet’s Funny Or Die’s Cell Numbers?

Funny Or Die is back with another hilarious pop star inspired vid. Only this time, they’re clearly laughing at—not with M.I.A. In this parody of “Paper Planes”, FOD takes an imagined look at the controversial rapper’s new suburban lifestyle in Brentwood, California. Instead of bang, bang, bang, then taking our money, M.I.A is all about investing her dollars. Click below to see the “XXXO” singer as a power-walking, Prius-driving, Ellen-watching mama. We have a feeling Maya is not going to have a sense of humor about the whole thing, but luckily, we do!The only thing this video is missing are some truffle fries. Our favorite lyric might just be, “Some some some I some I Twitter, some some some I Facebook”. The FOD impersonator did a better job at being M.I.A, than M.I.A did at last night’s HARD NYC concert. What do you think?