PHOTOS: Madonna Shows Taylor Momsen How To Strike A Pose

Jul 29th, 2010 // 6 Comments

You may have heard that Gossip Girl/Pretty Reckless frontwoman/professional Lolita Taylor Momsen was selected by Madonna to be the “It Girl” for Madge’s new juniors clothing line, the oh-so-aptly named Material Girl. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at Taylor — wearing a just-dangerous-enough miniskirt — with Madonna and Madonna’s daughter striking poses for the line’s promo shoot. Just one question: do you think that they lent Madonna a camera without a memory card, you know just so she could have a little fun on set?


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    wow, she is a gothic ;)

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    Oh, I love this woman, great signer !!
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    I love her! I think she’s the best. Why does everyone pick on this girl. In regards to her tape, they said that during the tape of the show, Tila Tequila may have sexual relations with a competitor? I was just curious after seeing the shot too few hours ago. I just saw it. She’s pretty dirty

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    I look forward to you writing more about this. This was a great post.

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    Hahah a gothic!

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    I think Gothic is the new trend!

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