Watch Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” Video And Let Nostalgia Take You Over

As MTV Buzzworthy notes, we’ve already seen so many snaps from the set of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” music video that it feels as if we’ve watched the full thing over and over by this point. But we haven’t—till now! Head below to see the Teen Choice Awards co-host and performer in her latest clip, which is flooded with just the right amount of sunlight, haze and hotties that it must be a teenage dream we’re in.

Parties, skateboards, sex and bubblegum—Katy Perry, have you been reading our diary?

Major props to director Yoann Lemoine for shooting Katy’s vid in such a way that it feels like a cross between teen epics such as Dazed And Confused and our own whitewashed adolescent nostalgia.

And much like those fleeting days of yore, Perry’s video comes and goes within an instant. The only difference is that with “Teenage Dream,” we get to hit replay.

Bonnie McKee, a songwriter under the Pulse Recordings umbrella who co-penned “Teenage Dream,” tells us, “Katy and I have always had a mutual fascination with the teenage condition, so it was fitting that we’d end up writing a song like this together. We knew we wanted to try to capture that feeling of first love; that giddy, spontaneous feeling you used to get in gym class, back when love and sex were still a mystery, still a dangerous, cinematic, do-or-die yearning that consumed every waking thought.”

What do you think of Katy’s latest video? Her Teenage Dream album is out two weeks from today—does this get you excited for it?

  • as usual

    Only people in America can watch -___-

  • Petra

    I’m in Europe and I can watch it, so it’s probably restricted wherever you are. I hate when they do that.

  • M i c h e l l e

    I love Katy I really do but this video is just I don’t know its just like too much really!

  • Hi!

    oh that verse melody makes my ears bleed like hot lava! yuck.

  • Michael

    Girls’ Lust For Life video is far superior, natch.

  • Jessica

    It is what it is….and for that, it’s not bad.

  • Wendy

    love this video…conveys what we adults feel when we are young and don’t know what we are doing until we get older and then can run away with our lover and have the time of our lives like teenagers…and then we actually have the power and money to do it!!!!

  • Max

    I did her in High School.