Brandon Flowers Wants To Know “Was It Something I Said?” In New Track

In the charming new track “Was It Something I Said?”, Brandon Flowers sings about one wild night in Vegas with a ladyfriend who quickly goes from fiance to ex, while he ponders what went wrong. The song, off Flowers’ solo debut Flamingo (out September 14), premiered on Australian radio—but you can check it out below!

Brandon Flowers – “Was It Something I Said?”

Brandon Flowers – “Was It Something I Said” (Radio Rip) by Some Kind of Awesome

“Was it something I said or did? / Was it something that I should’ve kept hid? / If you leave me hanging I don’t know what I’ll do,” sings an incredibly chipper Flowers on this upbeat track. If it weren’t for the lyrics, you’d have no idea this song was actually kind of sad.

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