Keyshia Cole Takes A Ride With Nicki Minaj In Their “I Ain’t Thru” Video

The video for “I Ain’t Thru”, the first single off Keyshia Cole’s upcoming fourth album Calling All Hearts (due out December 21), features the singer and her pal Nicki Minaj laying down the law and asking for a bit of elbow room both in the club and while driving around Los Angeles at night. Watch the Benny Boom-directed clip below. We’ll say this for Pink Friday girl Minaj—she’s nothing if not prolific. Thankfully “I Ain’t Thru” is one of the more melodic collaborations she’s had a hand in this year. As for the video—well, it’s nothing we haven’t seen dozens of times before.

Flashing lights. Flashier outfits. Dancing in the club and dramatic shots on top of a building. Watch on!

Hopefully now that Nicki’s finally got her own LP out to the masses, she scales back on the guest appearances. Too much of a good thing might never be enough. But it can lead to Barbie fatigue.