Preview Christina Aguilera and T.I.’s Sad New Track “Castle Walls”

Nov 24th, 2010 // 5 Comments

Though Christina Aguilera can be quite entertaining waving her jazz hands while showing us how to burlesque, we prefer our pop star in ballad mode. And as the guest vocalist on T.I.’s No Mercy track “Castle Walls”, Xtina is at her most haunting. A preview clip of the song surfaced today, featuring Aguilera’s voice on the chorus and T.I., photographed in black and white, looking appropriately somber. Watch/listen below.

“Everyone thinks I have it all / It’s so empty living behind these castle walls, these castle walls,” sings Christina on the Alex Da Kid-produced tune. “If I should tumble, if I should fall, would anyone hear me sleeping behind these castle walls? / There’s no one here at all / Behind these castle walls.”

In this 35-second preview alone, this is already the best track we’ve heard from Tip in awhile. Xtina’s voice is absolutely gorgeous and heartbreaking. We’ll wait til we hear the full track for a final verdict , but this could potentially be T.I.’s “Love The Way You Lie”-type hit. (Makes sense, as that track was also produced by Alex Da Kid.)

What do you think of “Castle Walls” so far?


  1. Jennifer

    I openly admit that I am a sap and I had tears in my eyes because of the hauntingly beautiful voice of Christina and TI’s somber face. I think this will be a hit and I cannot wait to buy the track.

  2. MrAp

    Love Xtina’s voice on this track, can’t wait for the collaboration to come out in full. So far I’m loving it!

  3. ShaunTwaz

    this is HOT!
    sounds fantastic.
    correction on the lyrics.
    it’s “screaming behind these castle walls” not “sleeping” haha. Screaming is more haunting. LOVE IT!

  4. absolutamente hermosa cancion y la voz de christina es magnifica la amo!!

  5. parcos80

    I love this song, Christina sounds great, TI is awesome, this is officially the best song in 2011!!!

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