Patrick Stump Releases Two Versions Of His New Track “Spotlight”

It’s no wonder Patrick Stump — who is disappearing before our eyes, it seems — revealed his first song as a solo artist, “Spotlight”, just as sheet music to start: he couldn’t decide on an arrangement. Stump must really trust his fans, because he’s putting the fate of his song up to a vote. Listen to both versions of the former Fall Out Boy frontman’s new track below, then head to his website to vote for (and download) your fave. The winning tune winds up on his album, Soul Punk.

Patrick Stump – “Spotlight (New Regrets)”

Patrick Stump – “Spotlight (Oh Nostalgia)”

Personally, we’re feeling “Oh Nostalgia” over “New Regrets”, though “New Regrets” sounds more radio-friendly (and a bit more like The Postal Service). Which song has your vote?

  • Caleb

    I agree. I like the “Oh Nostalgia” version better than “New Regrets” but I think “New Regrets” would do 10X better on the charts than the other. It’s also a greater departure from the FOB sound than “Oh Nostalgia” and might help him better establish himself as a solo artist. But its weird to let the fans choose which version to put on the album seeing as we have no idea what the vibe of the album is, but If we’re choosing a single, “New Regret’s” all the way. “Oh Nostalgia” Would be a great bonus track.