Hear “H.A.M.”, Kanye West And Jay-Z’s First Offering From The ‘Throne’

Jan 11th, 2011 // 12 Comments

We knew after catching a first glimpse at Kanye West and Jay-Z’s Riccardo Tisci-designed “H.A.M.” single cover that the song itself was going to be a balls-to-the-wall over the top affair. We just didn’t know what the heck the title meant—until now. The first single off ‘Ye ‘n Jay’s forthcoming Watch The Throne LP premiered on Facebook in the wee hours of the morn, and now you can listen to the bombastic jam after the jump. (P.S. Totally NSFW.)

Lex Luger, who previously swizzed the decks for Rick Ross’ “B.M.F. (Blowin’ Money Fast)” and Kanye’s “See Me Now”, handled production duties on “H.A.M.”. And we’re giving him props for incorporating that hypnotic, squiggly synth intro—which sounds like it was lifted form the score to some ’80s Dario Argento slice-and-dice flick—alone.

What follows after that is a “N”-word-riddled tirade from Kanye first, then Jay, that finds the two hip hop legends spitting down the haters and bragging about their cash.

A few choice lines:

Kanye: “N****s telling me, ‘You back’ like a n**** ever left up out this bitch, huh?/ And if life’s a bitch, then suck my dick.”

Jay-Z: “Fuck y’all mad at me for? Y’all don’t even know what I’ve been through/ I play chicken with a Mack Truck, Y’all muthafuckas would’ve been moved.”

[wpaudio url="http://cdn.idolator.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/H.A.M.mp3" text="Kanye West & Jay-Z - H.A.M." dl="0"]

We’re still scratching our noggins over “H.A.M.” standing for “hard as a mutherfucka” (guess “H.A.A.M” just doesn’t have the same ring).

And no disrespect to these two geniuses, but the raddest part of this jam is that rap-less breakdown about three minutes in that segues from creepy The Omen-type chanting to moving piano chords to an opera diva belting like Mariah Carey’s mom on “The Hallelujah Chorus”. Not sure if that was a touch Lex Luger added or if it came from the two rappers behind the song, but it’s just the type of gaudy flare you want packed into a lead single from an album by these guys.

At any rate, we now have the “H.A.M.” that West and Hova served up. How do you rate this single compared to other tracks from these two MCs?


  1. What on earth is this “n****” asterisk-filled crap?

    Would you write it that way if it was part of a poem?

    Let me guess, you also sing along to songs like this? http://kellyoxford.tumblr.com/post/2643006435/gossip-gossip-n-word-just-stop-it

  2. Completely garbage, its getting to be anytime you see Jay-z guest starring on a track (minus Usher’s Hot Tottie) you can be sure it will be disappointing.

  3. The Great

    ^^^Foolish ^^^

  4. Ken

    two thumbs down. This is really bad. Man oh man. this is terrible. They have no respect for their listening audience if they released it thinking people would like it. man Jay and Kanye, make a good song, this is wickety wack man for real.

  5. X

    wooow, this is jus awful. the beat is horribly preschool at best. you’d think even tho its supposed to be some kinda “hard” track that they would still at least come wit some ACTUAL lyricism…say it with me children….EPIC FAIL!

  6. Man, these two are officially done. Can’t even listen to rap no more. EDM all day!

  7. ODB

    Thanks for actually posting the song, unlike these clowns on Youtube linking their own crap and blogs as this song.

  8. KEANA

    UR JUS Haters!!!!!!!!!!

  9. :)

    This is garbage. I love me some Kanye West but I’ve just got to keep it real. If this were anyone else it would be considered a joke LOL. The raps are …………….okay but the melody or “beat” is stupid. I was expecting a little bit more.

  10. AlCap1

    WTF!!! GARBAGE!!

  11. Bruno

    sounds great imo

  12. It’s awful, I hate it. It sounds like Jay-Z wrote all of this song. It doesn’t have the same humor and flow as Kanye West usually does in his songs.

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