Brandy Gives Timbaland Some Extra Kick On “808″

MCs picking a day of the week to chuck out free tunes via Twitter is becoming the norm, but today Timbland offered up a standout  jam for his “Timbaland Thursdays” in the form of the Brandy-featuring “808.” Granted, the former Dancing With The Stars contestant essentially doesn’t get to vocally show off until the end of the track—save for a loop of her intoning the song’s title throughout—but we’re digging the beat on this one. Listen below.

“And when the music’s gone and there’s no more songs, no more songs / And when the snare is gone and that hi-hat’s gone, I still got 808,” Timbaland sings on the boastful tune with his trademark layered vocals.

Later Brandy adds, “I’m like the bass in the trunk, if you want I can ride the wave / Baby just tell me where you’re at and I’m on my way.”

[wpaudio url="" text="Timbaland feat. Brandy - 808" dl="0"]

Overall, “808″ is a nice little jam that, if anything, proves Timbaland still knows his way around a good hook, and that Brandy is sorely missed on the radio.


  • ZMH

    brandy is one of those few can steal the thunder from timbo’s beats. it’s unbelievable how she manges to layer her vocals into harmony like that. nobody can get even close to what brandy does.

  • Mario MusicMan Rowland

    I’ve said it once before; No one can make beats like Timbo and no one can stack harmonies like Brandy. Few have came close, but it’s just impossible. LOVE this track and the vocals!