J. Cole Gets “Disgusting” In New Track

Roc Nation rapper J. Cole is getting down and dirty on his new song “Disgusting”, which he tweets is “for the fans” and isn’t meant to be his next single. It’s probably for the best, since this track unfortunately tends to live up to its title. Listen to J. Cole’s flow below.

J. Cole — “Disgusting”

Okay, we wouldn’t call this track necessarily “disgusting”. But besides most of the lyrics being well, quite uncouth (“Nigga eat a dick, we the shit, no flushin'” is the song’s refrain), the spacey, mellow beat — which reminds us a bit of Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy track “So Appalled” — gets incredibly repetitive by the third minute of the song.

Disagree with us and can’t stop jamming to the track? Well, we’d tell you to go download it for free thanks to J.Cole’s generosity… but it appears that his fans have already crashed the servers. Dang.