The Lonely Island Invites Santigold To Join Their “After Party”

Sounds like The Lonely Island is ready for something a little more intense than sipping light beer with Snoop Dogg. Now they’re taking Santigold to the “After Party” — where, knowing these boys, some major shenanigans are bound to go down. The latest track to drop from the star-studded Turtleneck & Chain expertly mixes the raunchy and the ridiculous in true “Jizz In My Pants” fashion, assisted by the “Please Don’t” singer with her faux-earnest 80′s-throwback vocals. RSVP “yes” and join us at the “After Party” after the jump.

In case you thought Lonely Island’s idea of an after party was as tame as Rebecca Black’s Friday night, here’s a sample lyric: “And after that, I meet my totem spirit / It’s a rattlesnake, so I have to kill it / Then I drink all his blood and steal his powers / And slither around in the dirt for hours.” The song is essentially one very long, rambling story about what happens after the after party, which eventually ends up including Tim McGraw.

[wpaudio url="" text="The Lonely Island feat. Santigold - After Party" dl="0"]

We’re digging “After Party” even more than “We’re Back” and the title track, in large part thanks to Santigold’s lovely (but ludicrous) vocal contribution. These boys are at their best when the comedy and catchiness come in equal doses, as they do here.

Still, we plan to avoid any actual after parties with these guys. Maybe we’ll stick to light beer after all…

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    It’s not possible to listen to a Snoop Dog music album and ask revolutionist new sounds and melodious wizard. That’s comparable going to a strip club and trying to talk to the girls there about politics. If you take this record album for what it is, it ain’t that bad.