Steven Tyler Thinks “(It) Feels So Good” To Have A New Song Out

As one of American Idol‘s fresh faces behind the judge’s table this season, Steven Tyler is familiar to viewers in a way he hasn’t been since Aerosmith’s (dysfunctional) heyday. Now he’s following in fellow judge Jennifer Lopez’s sandy footsteps, hoping to catch some of the exposure that helped her comeback tune “On The Floor” become such a monster success. Unfortunately, neither Pitbull nor Lil Wayne make buzz-increasing appearances on “(It) Feels So Good,” but does the rock legend really need them? Head below to hear.

Call us crazy, but isn’t the purpose of Idol to catapult new young talent into the spotlight, rather than the celebrity judges whose careers have been lackluster lately? Oh well. “(It) Feels So Good” is a surprisingly decent rock jam (in spite of the title’s unnecessary parentheses), and Carrie Underwood’s co-crooner proves he can still screech like no one else in the business.

It must feel so good to be back in the game, right?

  • Bobby Fontaine

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