Dr. Dre Gets Behind The Wheel In His Chrysler Commercial

When we saw a rough version of Dr. Dre’s Chrysler commercial back in April, it was via someone filming a screen showing the ad, and it had an instrumental riff of “I Need A Doctor” playing in the background. Now the final cut of the hip hop medic’s auto endorsement has finally been unveiled, and his recent hit single has been swapped out with an all new track. Take a ride with Dre below. Like his protege Eminem’s own Chrysler commercial, which arrived during the Super Bowl, Dre’s spot for the 2012 300S touts an “everyman struggling to make it in the world” message. Here it’s “Some people say good things come to those who wait. Truth is, good things come to those who work.”

Meanwhile, an update for those who’ve been anxiously awaiting Dre’s long-delayed LP Detox has come in the form of an interview Billboard did with “Kush” producer DJ Khalil.

Among other things, Khalil — who, mind you, has been working on with Dre on the album for six years (!!!) — noted the following:

“Dre’s album is definitely the most important thing right now, because he is definitely in the final stretch. He has the record going, but I’m sure he thinks there are pieces missing still. Until he finds those pieces, maybe he’s not comfortable putting it out yet… It’s definitely a West Coast sound — more futuristic West Coast sound — at least from what I’ve turned in. I don’t know what he’s keeping, though.”

Well, considering “Kush” was technically the first single off Detox, and it came out last year, we’re going to guess Chrysler will roll out its 2013 line before that album sees the light of day.