Listen To Joss Stone’s New Song “Somehow” From New Album ‘LP1’

Joss Stone has been relatively quiet since the release of her 2009 album Colour Me Free (you’ll remember it best from its hideous paint-by-numbers cover art). But the Brit singer, who finally managed to split with EMI, is readying her return with the release of her fifth studio album LP1. (Does that title suggest that there may be an LP2 or LP3 in the future? Could be.) Earlier this week a new song by Stone surfaced online, the impassioned “Somehow”, rumored to be the album’s lead single. Hear it below.

Joss Stone – “Somehow”

Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart produced this fiery track about loving and sticking by a man who could definitely be a better partner, and it’s the same old Joss we’ve heard before — rock, soul, funk and raspy vocals all fused together in a delicious little package. But hey, if it ain’t broke, right?

Check out LP1‘s track list below:

1. Newborn 2. Karma 3. Don’t Start Lying To Me 4. Last One To Know 5. Drive All Night 6. Cry Myself To Sleep 7. Somehow 8. Landlord 9. Boat Yard 10. Take Good Care