Lil Wayne Pays Homage To Eminem With “Dear Anne (Stan Part 2)”

Eminem’s “Stan” was a wake-up call to overzealous fans obsessed with their idols, and nearly a decade after Em’s hit single dropped, Lil Wayne is giving his own take on fandom. Keeping it more sincere than harsh, on the recently surfaced track “Dear Anne (Stan Part 2)”, Weezy writes a letter to a fan to tell her how appreciative he is. Listen to the Swizz Beatz-produced tune below.

[wpaudio url=”//″ text=”Lil Wayne – Dear Anne (Stan Part 2)” dl=”0″] “I felt sorry about Stan, so I wrote this to say I’m your number one fan,” raps the Bonnaroo performer, pouring his heart out to a fan as he counts the number of pages. Oh, and that’s t.A.t.U.’s track from 2001, “30 Minutes”, on the hook. Totally random, but it works.

Swizz talked to MTV last September about the song:

“For Eminem’s Relapse, I submitted a beat to him called ‘Stan 2’. When I was doing an interview and they said, ‘What you working on?’ Em was amongst the people in the lineup I submitted things for. I said, ‘I did a track for Em called Stan 2.’ So it got out of hand in the media… he didn’t want to do ‘Stan 2’. But what I have on my album is a song called ‘Anne’ with Wayne, which is crazy… the way that Wayne tells Anne he’s sorry what happened to Stan. The album is crazy.”

Though Swizz came up with the idea to revisit “Stan”, we have no doubt that Lil Wayne’s time spent at Rikers answering his fans’ letters and responding to them personally on his site WeezyThanxYou inspired the words and the spirit of the song. Too bad this one won’t be on Tha Carter IV, it’s pretty touching.