Selena Gomez Performs On ‘Good Morning America’, Talks Britney Spears

Selena Gomez is back in good health, and she made it to the stage of Good Morning America fully dehydrated and full of iron. The funky dresser performed a few of the tracks from her LP When The Sun Goes Down with her band The Scene, and spoke to GMA‘s hosts about her recent hospitalization, recording a Britney-penned track, and dating the most shriek-worthy 17-year old on the planet. Interview and performances below.

Selena discusses how “awesome” it is to have “Whiplash”, a song co-written by Britney, on her album. “I heard the song and I fell in love with it, I thought it was really fun and catchy, and I went into the studio and it said on the thing, co-written by Britney Spears, and I almost had a heart attack.” She also confirms that she’s definitely doing a Britney tribute during her Summer tour. “Even if you’re a guy, you know Britney songs.”

They ask if she’ll ever record a song with her current beau Justin Bieber. Her non-reply: “It if happens, it happens.” So basically, she’s not ruling it out, but really, don’t hold your breath.

“Who Says” (Live)

“Love You Like A Love Song” (Live)