Selena Gomez Has An Identity Crisis In “Love You Like A Love Song” Video

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Selena Gomez & The Scene’s new single “Love You Like A Love Song” may very well turn into a karaoke bar staple now that its video has premiered. In the clip, the pop star — her puffed-up hair making her head three times its actual size — busts out with her own  When The Sun Goes Down track in front of a room full of karaoke joint patrons, singing in front of a TV showcasing her playing dress-up in various settings (and time periods).

Okay, so most of these scenes have absolutely nothing to do with one another, but it’s as good an excuse as any to put Selena in some fun get-ups rather then dedicating a whole video to fit an 18th century Mozart theme. Plus, we love that the karaoke singer right before Selena was singing her single “Naturally”.

What do you think of Selena’s video? Still pretty entertaining even without pink horses, right? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments.

  • X.

    pink ponies or bust

  • Naomi

    It looks like something from the 80′s. Most parts of the video really didn’t fit with the song. If I were the creative director, I would have kept one scene, which would have been the beach scene, no pink horses. The beach scene fits perfectly with the song. I don’t know why they used different scenes. I understand it though. It looks like something Katy Perry might do.

  • Catherine Holloway

    I”m not a fan of Selena Gomez, but I actually love this video. I”m just sad that all the 80s and early 90s pop culture references in this video will be lost on the majority of her under 20 fanbase.

  • Why

    The video is great but come on, it’s Selena Gomex not Katy Perry. This girl wants to grow up way too fast.

  • Stephanie

    It reminded me of Maroon 5′s Sunday Morning video.

  • naci

    bütün dünya insanlarına selam Hi all peoples on earth

  • Tatiie BubbŁe

    i wanna knw the name of that bloond guy on the beach *____*

  • Lauren Newsom

    Wow that was four mins of my life I will never get back. Pointless music video and I think it was copy write. Because I have seen that stuff in other music (including the words) so yeah. I think she needs to stink to acting and quit trying to be a pop star because Miley Cyrus already did that and failed so yeah. By the way she is going kind of going down the same road.

  • Julie Lopes-Hyde

    i love selena’s songs my best songs is love you like a love song

  • Van Shepherd

    I absolutely love this song, and I think the blonde hippie on the beach in the beginning is so hot and I wanna find out who he is! Anyway, I kinda felt like this video was TPT (Trailer Park Trash) because it’s all random and has nothing to do with the song (I felt the beach scene did though). The mariachi band at the ending who have electric keyboards and light sabers is kinda racist and just plain dumb. But God, someone help me find out who the blonde hippie is!

  • Van Shepherd

    I don’t see the pink horses on the beach scene! X_X’ Where are they?!

  • Cat

    The blonde hippie guy in the video is Oliver Seitz.

  • Cecilia

    Who is the guy in the Mariachi band that sits down at the table in the end of the music video? I’m seriously dying to know.

  • sandy

    selena gomez is dead so i guess she can never prove you wrong anymore

  • Kerry

    I love this song! It was stuck in my head for 3 weeks! HAHAHAHA! The video could improve a little more. But all in all, it was very nice! :)

  • مصطفى الحلوانى

    عندما تغنى سلينا تشعر برقة الانثى و جمالها

  • Meris

    someone please tell me who the pianist is in the Marie Antoinette scene!

  • Katie

    His name is Tim Granaderos :)

  • Katie

    His name is Tim Granaderos :)

    The Purple Masked Mariachi Man

  • Noemi

    The guy in the car???? his name pleaseee…. D:

  • sophie

    Charan Andreas

  • pink

    Who is that japanese guy with silver lipstick and glasses? Love that guy :)