Jasmine V. Dance Battles Her Alter Ego In “Werk” Music Video

After teasing us with pics and behind the scenes footage, Jasmine Villegas (a.k.a. Jasmine V.) has finally unveiled her official “Werk” music video. Directed by Matt Alonzo and co-starring Romeo, the house-party themed vid pits the 17-year-old pop starlet against her evil alter ego Kitty V. Watch the “Jealous” singer as she goes head-to-head with herself in an all out dance battle.

“The message to werk music video,” Jasmine tweeted, “is that u don’t have to be super aggressive to win a guy’s heart, just be yourself and u will win him over!” Solid relationship advice, JV.

If you’re like us, and want to learn how to work it like the “All These Boys” songbird, head here for a dance tutorial.