Charice Throws A Pep Rally In Her “One Day” Video

Charice heads from the hallways of McKinley High on Glee to the ones in her new video for “One Day”. In the video for this feel-good single (penned by Nick Jonas), the Filipino pop star attends what may be the most well-behaved, positive-minded school we’ve ever seen. It Gets Better? It’s Already Gotten Better for these students. Watch the video below.

In the clip, instead of making fun of a teenage boy for drawing a sketch of another boy, his classmates compliment him on his artwork. In another room, two students stay focused and learn not to give up on their dance routine. And the video ends with a student from every rung on the high school social ladder engaging in a dance party. How do we transfer to this unicorn of a school?

Charice – “One Day”