Charice Throws A Pep Rally In Her “One Day” Video

Charice heads from the hallways of McKinley High on Glee to the ones in her new video for “One Day”. In the video for this feel-good single (penned by Nick Jonas), the Filipino pop star attends what may be the most well-behaved, positive-minded school we’ve ever seen. It Gets Better? It’s Already Gotten Better for these students. Watch the video below.

In the clip, instead of making fun of a teenage boy for drawing a sketch of another boy, his classmates compliment him on his artwork. In another room, two students stay focused and learn not to give up on their dance routine. And the video ends with a student from every rung on the high school social ladder engaging in a dance party. How do we transfer to this unicorn of a school?

Charice – “One Day”

  • mark

    luv it. nice song & vid. she is pretty & talented.

  • Fly N Dance

    nice video! nice moves! an inspiration to teenagers out there!

  • Nyan

    If only all high schools could be this great. Anyway, great video!

  • sharisufan

    This is what Charice and her music is all about..POSITIVITY, to balance the negative vibes we encounter everyday, esp those music videos nowadays that seems to convery ‘immorality’.
    The launching of this music video is very timely, esp for the upcoming World Youth Day at Madrid, Spain on 16-25 Aug 2011. This song can be the ‘battlecry’ of today’s youth, who will be our future leaders and good citizens.
    Please share this video to everyone you know, young and old, and spread the good message to the world.

  • Magnustoday

    I love the video. I love the dance moves. I love the song. I love CHARICE.

  • John Russell

    Cool…love it.

  • mrdj89

    Like this video a lot – very positive, very inspirational! And OMG Charice dances so well…!!!

  • Xadax

    Asiantastic! Seriously, no racial discrimination on the video? C’mon be real Americans, I know you’re gonna be mean to us Asians, “where’s your Green Card” or “CAN-YOU-UNDER-STAND-ME?”.

  • Stand

    Charice bring positive inspiration in life.. She has this inner beauty that can launch a thousand ships, very natural and simple. She can sing from a-z songs. all genres, she is just amazing and must be followed by young generation today. I believe she is the best live performer nowadays and for that I salute her. Stay sweet and simple girl You go beyong what you can imagine. God bless

  • aileen

    Very inspiring MV and she’s so cuteee…more power!

  • Yobhtron

    Awesome music video from an awesome singer.

  • cancon

    Charice & Nick Jonas collaboration is so awsome…..they’re both talented….Charice is a great singer & Nick is a great songwriter.

  • exodus23

    I’m Asian, and I have never felt discriminated, Americans i found is the best people i have ever meet in my life and I’m sure lot of Asian would agree with met.

  • Dash

    Charice is so pretty, lovely, and adorable in the One Day MV! LOVE her dancing! She’s so cute when she dances, err, she’s always cute and she’s even cuter when she dances! Totally LOVE her :)

    Charice is my inspiration. I really look up to her. I admire her talents, personality, character, and everything about her. I hope to meet her. One day! :)

  • papuseka

    I’m addicted to her music videos! I’ve been following her career since 2005.