Michael Jackson Tribute Performers: Cee Lo Green, Christina Aguilera & More

Another nice boost of publicity for The Voice: Cee Lo Green and Christina Aguilera are just two of the names (and the two biggest ones at that) who will perform at the Michael Forever tribute concert on October 8 in Wales. The other performers — well — it’s a weird bunch.

According to TMZ, Smokey Robinson will also perform at the event, and that makes sense to us. Legendary performer, spoke at Michael’s funeral, close with the Jackson family – we’re on board.

Then there’s Leona Lewis, JLS and Craig David. We suppose the “Collide” songstress is an alright pick, since MJ reportedly picked the X Factor winner as the opener for his O2 arena shows (that, er, never came to fruition). Other X Factor alum JLS are big fans of the King of Pop (just check out their Jackson medley here), as is smooth crooner Craig David. But does being a Michael Jackson fan immediately put you up for consideration for such a huge event?

Most bizarrely, though, is the inclusion of Alien Ant Farm — yes, that long-ago group who covered “Smooth Criminal” for the American Pie 2 soundtrack. They are also performing. Really.

“This announcement is just the beginning,” says an exec from Global Live Events, who are putting on the tribute show. “We have many more to announce.” Hell, why not just have Weird Al Yankovic perform? He can do a “Fat” and “Eat It” medley!

Head on over here to “register your interest” for tickets.

  • Xadax

    Love the picture. Legend to Legend to Legend. This place about bLOooOW-OW-OW!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Paul-Red/100002554536964 Paul Red

    Nah… this Tribute concert started off on the wrong foot and it’s getting worse by the minute. This is another Tribute that’s taking a shot at capitalizing on Michael Jackson’ s death. What’ s the matter with the Jackson Family? They are like a runaway train. How can we trust them at this point? Joe Jackson has teamed up with a professional crook Julian Rouas to exploit his late son with a new line of cheesy perfumes. Click on my Username for link to a revealing blog that shows the corruption behind it.


    If link is not activated, Google up: “The Jackson Tribute Fragrances”

  • Katie

    Alien Ant Farm is my favorite band ever! They are so much better than the Smooth Criminal cover that they did. Seriously, they deserve to be apart of the tribute.