Listen To A New/Old Daft Punk Song “Drive”

Your work week will now definitely end on a high note, as a never-heard-before Daft Punk track has been unleashed, “Drive”. No, it’s not a new tie-in single from the Ryan Gosling movie of the same name, but a previously unreleased song from 1994 that will be included on Soma Records’ 20th anniversary compilation. But hey, you haven’t heard it before, so that makes it new, yes? Yes. Enjoy below.

Daft Punk – “Drive” by 1077 The End

Sounds a lot like their buzzy, jangly material on Homework. And to think, this gem was discovered tossed amid old boxes of DATs, photos and memorabilia! As explained on the label’s website, “Imagine our surprise when [we] discovered a tape simply titled ‘Daft Drive’. We hooked up the DAT, pressed play, [and] in amongst the hiss a crackle the most monstrous 909 kick drum thudded.”

Moral of the story: doing some spring cleaning may result in finding lost Daft Punk recordings.

[Via Consequence Of Sound]