Daughtry’s ‘Break The Spell’ Album Cover Confuses Us

Oct 6th, 2011 // 3 Comments

What’s going on here? Are they on the moon? Are they at war? What’s that thing in the corner? Why are they standing with all their weight on one foot? And most confoundedly, were all five band members of Daughtry too busy to take a photo for their Break The Spell album cover while inhabiting the same space? So many questions! While we search for answers we may never get, check out the track list below.

Daughtry — Break The Spell

1. Renegade
2. Crawling Back To You
3. Outta My Head
4. Start Of Something Good
5. Crazy
6. Break The Spell
7. We’re Not Gonna Fall
8. Gone Too Soon
9. Losing My Mind
10. Rescue Me
11. Louder Than Ever
12. Spaceship

Deluxe Edition Tracks
13. Who’s They
14. Maybe We’re Already Gone
15. Everything But Me
16. Lullaby

The band’s third LP drops November 21.


  1. It’s the bottom of a Converse sneaker and they’re just about to be crushed to death.

  2. kittylee

    Its looks like they just crashed and burned to me. lolz

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    TONSTUDIO MÜNSTER MOTET / Tonstudio-Mastering, Tonstudio-Hörbuch

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