‘The Voice’ Season 2 Promo: Christina Aguilera & The Gang, Back In Action

Nov 7th, 2011 // 2 Comments

Is it wrong that the overall ho-humness of the US version of The X Factor has us yearning for the February 5 return of The Voice? A new promo clip for the next season of this past spring’s surprise hit singing competition aired during Saturday Night Live over the weekend — an episode that featured Voice coach Adam Levine, along with his band Maroon 5 — and it brimmed over with the trademark enthusiasm and a hint of the sassy banter we’ve come to expect from the show. Watch below.

Nice to hear Levine and Aguilera getting a little extra cha-ching in the bank from “Moves Like Jagger” being used in the commercial. It might be safe to assume the series wouldn’t have been a hit without them, and the collaboration would have never happened without the show.

Worked out nicely, didn’t it?


  1. Bring it! The X Factor has been more about the quirks of the judges than about the contestants, so I’m glad to see The Voice is already ramping up for season 2.

  2. LuLu

    So, who are the people IN the Promo? Anyone have names? Do tell!

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