Katy Perry’s “The One That Got Away” iTunes Price Slashed: Will It Go To #1?

Take a look at the iTunes Top Songs chart and you’ll notice one particular bargain: Katy Perry’s “The One That Got Away” is the only single in the Top 10 with a reduced price of 69 cents. In fact, you have to go all the way down to #57 to find another song priced below $1.29 (in this case, Keren O, Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross’ The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo soundtrack offering “Immigrant Song”). So is Katy simply being generous at the holidays, or is this a shameless bid to get her latest single to the top of the Hot 100?

As noted last month, Perry, who is currently tied with Michael Jackson for having the most #1 singles (five) off one album, recently saw “The One That Got Away” enter the Top 10 on the Hot 100. This put her in a league with only four other artists who’ve had six Top 10s off one LP, including Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Bruce Springsteen and George Michael.

If “The One That Got Away” makes it all the way to the top, Perry will surpass MJ and hold the record for the most #1s off an album. Currently, she’s the top female artist to achieve such a feat.

Rihanna and Calvin Harris’ “We Found Love” has been the #1 single in the country for the past five weeks, with LMFAO’s “Sexy And I Know It” nipping at its heels at #2. “The One That Got Away”, which is #9 on the Hot 100, will likely have to jump higher than its current #6 spot on iTunes to make the leap up Billboard‘s main singles chart — which very well could happen, once word gets out about the 69-cent deal.

Do you think Katy will land a sixth chart-topper off Teenage Dream, or will it be her own one that got away, single-wise?

Teenage Dream is out now on Capitol. Purchase it at eMusic.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Eric-Toribio-Lora/577560963 Eric Toribio Lora

    The one that cheated away…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gabriel-Aaron-Campos/571288769 Gabriel Aaron Campos

    Such a lame ass move

  • Nyan

    If she did something less shameful, I would have been fine with it. But doing this I think is worse than having those ‘remixes.’ Oh well. Best of luck!

  • AlexH


  • Jason

    When Gaga did this people were up in arms

  • Xcaliver

    This just proves that she is all about the sales more than the music, bitch can’t even sing anyway

  • ZMH

    isn’t this how mariah get quite a lot of her no.1s? isn’t it too early for a still fun somehow fun pop star to move into that circle?

  • Anddy

    Not a desperate move at all. She’s just offering A SONG for 69 cents.. what about the other Gaga bitch who offered her entire “Born This Way” album for 99 cents?! HA! Clearly I can see who’s desperate here and Gaga can’t have another #1 after “Born This Way” song. What a fail.

  • warset

    TBH I find this song to be by far the best song of all her songs; especially with the MV that came with it..

  • http://hotmail.com Cherry

    I don’t believe the haters here,on this page..!! Katy Perry is pretty and a nice singer..she may not be the best but,she is good..btw,nice song..!!