Willow Smith And Jimmy Fallon Have A Bumper Car Race On ‘Late Night’

Late Night host Jimmy Fallon had a surprise waiting for pint-sized firecracker Willow Smith last night: he shared the adorable thank-you note she wrote him last year after his Neil Young cover of “Whip My Hair”. (Clearly, the Smiths’ offspring are not only talented, but incredibly polite.) The recent X Factor performer‘s visit with Jimmy wasn’t all talk, though. Below, watch Jimmy and Willow go head-to-head in a bumper car race through the NBC studio. Plus hear about the upcoming “Fireball” music video and find out who the pop star is trying to get people to follow on Twitter.

We love that Willow describes collaborating with Nicki Minaj as simply “vibin’ out”.

Naturally, Jimmy gave Willow the car with the fireball stickers on it.

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