Madonna Announces Album Title: ‘MDNA’

Jan 11th, 2012 // 21 Comments

Today, during a pre-recorded interview that will be aired on Friday’s episode of The Graham Norton Show, Madonna told host Graham Norton that her upcoming 12th studio album (due out in March) will be called MDNA, according to Glamour. MDNA? The first thing that comes to mind? Drugs! The second thing: Madonna DNA. Cute. Meanwhile, lead single “Give Me All Your Luvin’” is apparently set to impact radio in the States on February 7, i.e. mere days after the singer/director’s film W.E. hits theaters and she performs during halftime at the Super Bowl. That Madonna, always using her noggin.

Madonna joked with Norton about her album’s release date. “It’s soon. It depends how quickly people hack in to my server and leak it,” she apparently said. “Can people wait? It’s terrible.”

Madge seemed to be less tongue-in-cheek — and more careful about her word choice — when commenting on Lady Gaga, who the Internet loves to pit her against. “When I first saw her I was really impressed by her and she was cool. She did remind me of me back in the day,” Madonna noted, according to Glamour. “I do think she is very talented.”

What do you think of the title of MDNA for Madonna’s upcoming album — clever or totally WTF?

  1. Paul Snyder

    It also has to do with m[t]DNA, or Mitochondrial DNA, which each of us inherits maternally, meaning from our mothers. Seems extremely fitting giving the pop landscape and a lot of the current pop princesses out there who forget who paved the way for them sometimes…

  2. It’s a cute name. Just cute.

  3. I was expecting something more conceitual!! MDNA is too nice and easy… And I like her rough!

  4. M

    It s a new Madonna album….that is excitement enough for anyone but yeah,….i think its a cool name. Its simple yet it has its meaning ….love it!

  5. ^^


  6. Xcaliver

    I would like to see a collab between Gaga/Madonna.

  7. danny

    Honestly what does it have to do with DNA for? I think it’s just (M)a(D)o(N)n(A) just in letters instead of spelling it out.

  8. Evan

    I agree with the hot guy ;)

  9. Patrick

    It’s dance/club music which MDMA (Ecstasy) is linked ro sometimes. It’s a tongue in cheek Ecstasy reference and well as a DNA reference as well as a Madonna reference. It’s all those things.

  10. woopwoop


  11. madgefudger

    But is Maddy this smart? Does she really mean mt DNA (among other things)???

  12. Wake Up, Honey

    It’s the perfect title…for another flop Madge “album” that won’t sell or spawn any hit singles.

  13. rayray

    love it.. and the hot guy

  14. shle896

    BRILLIANT title!

  15. shle896

    Madonna’s last album “Hard Candy” was the 11th best-selling album worldwide in 2008. In terms of global sales, she’s never had a “flop” album.

  16. supermariah

    sounds like E=MC2 of Mariah

  17. supermariah

    Madonna’s American Life ’03 ninth album was disliked so much, her excellent follow-up Confessions On A Dancefloor was almost labelled a comeback. so i think this one will also flop

  18. Evan

    @supermariah – Your logic doesn’t make any sense. If American Life was panned, but Confessions On A Dancefloor was excellent (which I agree with), then shouldn’t MDNA at least be decent since Hard Candy was panned? That’s if you’re trying to connect a pattern. Or are you saying that Confessions was an anomaly?

  19. I see someone is a Lady Gags fan.

  20. Does anyone know if this new album is up for pre-order anywhere? Haven’t been able to find it….

  21. Oops…speaking of Madonna’s upcoming MDNA album…

  22. Rob Stewart

    You seriously think this talentless old dog paved the way for toady’s crop of pop ladies. You are delusional. Madonna has never had a genuine origiak thought in her own head and never offered anything new that wasn’t done before… apart from being a ttal slut with her sex book.

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