Beyonce And Jay-Z Share First Photos Of Blue Ivy

Feb 10th, 2012 // 12 Comments

Prepare to faint from saying “AWWWW” for days and days. Beyonce and Jay-Z have released the first photos of their daughter Blue Ivy (TM), and it turns out, the infant has her daddy’s nose — and her mom’s sassy mane of hair. (Seriously, this baby has more hair than most middle-aged men.) More adorable photos of the proud parents and their offspring below.




There’s no word on whether these were taken immediately following Blue Ivy’s January 7 birth, or much more recently, but that sure looks like a multi-million-dollar private hospital room to us. (Then again, Beyonce looks way too good to have just gone through labor. It just would not be fair to the rest of us if these were taken right after delivery.)

Blue Ivy doesn’t just have two of the most famous artists in the world as her parents — she also has her own Tumblr. Check out more pics there.

  1. She doesn’t look like Jay.

    God is merciful.

  2. Well, she does have some of Jay Z’s features but they are not overbearing. PS, that child has a head full of hair.

  3. Blue Ivy is gorgeous congrats to the happy 1st time parents. I see both of them in her and also Solange son. It would be very hard for Beyonce to make a Ugly child because she’s so beautiful.. That baby is so blessed to have them to as parents.. I’m happy for them enjoy Blue Ivy

  4. ARONA

    What a beautiful baby she is the perfect combination of them both. !!!!it is amazing how people have such ugly things TO SAY ABOUT J-Z AMAZING THAT HIS FEATURES THAT ARE DEEMED UGLY ARE WHAT SOME people pay big bucks HATERS STOP HATING AND BEING JEALOUS OF THEIR BEAUTIFUL CREATION.the baby has features from the both of them ,even beyonce’s mom …

  5. ARONA

    she is both of them mixed together what a beautiful creation from the two of them….

  6. Juvi

    she looks like a mix of Beyonce and Jay-Z and in her eyes you can see that she gonna be a BIG Star when she’s old enough.

  7. cute

    the baby looks like Ashanti.

  8. This is a very pretty baby. May God bless this family!!!!!

  9. philipp

    nice one

  10. helane

    linda nos aqui do brasil te amanos. beijos

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