Nicki Minaj Busts Out Of Her “Beez In The Trap” Video

nicki minaj beez trap
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You don’t have to wait for “Starships” to see Nicki Minaj flaunting her bikini body. Her new “Beez in the Trap” video accomplishes that quite adequately, thank you! There is minimal cloth and maximum attitude in this Benny Boom-directed visual, which replaces any kind of a storyline with various shots of the Barbie Girl (and other ladies) busting out of their clothing with ample assets on display. It’s basically like going to a strip club yourself, except there’s no need to tip anyone! (Oh, and there’s barbed wire, for some reason.) Tell us what you think on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments.

  • d_ondat

    is she gay ?

  • Harsh But True

    Shes So Damn Ugly, I Mean Gaga Is Weird But You Can Tell She Could Look Pretty If She Wore Normal Cloths. But Nicki Minaj Has This Awful Weird Fake Body Shape, She Dont Look Nice In People Cloths.

    • bb

      u a hater

  • RobT

    Only a woman would talk badly about that….
    Or Im hoping her planet invades..

  • Dal

    Her body shape is RIDICULOUS, it is so odd that when her Starship video was on tv today we paused it to get everyone in the house into the room to have a laugh at her. I appreciate her cheering up a wet and windy day but she is a major laughing stock with that freaky fake out of proportion monstrosity of a body lol.

  • Sean

    This song is just epic. I don’t see why people should hate this song so much. I just love the video too. She might not have a great figure, but she looks hot nonetheless!

    Good Job Nicki! :)