Avril Lavigne’s New Black Bangs: Oh, Honey, No

Ok, we’re trying to figure out just what happened here with Avril Lavigne‘s hair. We have three possible theories: One, the Abbey Dawn designer (perhaps inspired by RiRi’s new hair color) decided she was ready to make a drastic change and opted to go jet black, but chickened out just after finishing the front portion of her head. Two, the Canadian pop star got her hair done by a blind hair stylist who typically does a fantastic job, but happened to be having an off day. And the least likely scenario, Avril actually paid a colorist good money to purposely do this to her hair. Check out the Goodbye Lullabye singer as she says hello to Toronto with her new black bangs, then tell us below (or on Facebook and Twitter) if you’ve solved this head-scratcher of a puzzle.