Rihanna Gets Cheeky In Short Shorts For Terry Richardson

May 9th, 2012 // 36 Comments

Think you can handle a second helping of pop star hotness from Terry Richardson this week? The provocative photographer shared photos of Rihanna (back when she was a bottle blonde), more specifically, “after [their] shoot for the new VitaCoco Coconut Water campaign” according to Terry’s site.

Though currently under the weather, the pop star looked quite healthy in the black-and-white shots, posing seductively in denim cutoffs, a knotted white t-shirt and heels — and, of course, wearing the longtime Lady Gaga collaborator‘s signature thick-rimmed glasses. Maybe the Talk That Talk diva will bring Terry along as her personal photographer the next time she goes on vacation — now there’s a million dollar idea! Quick, someone write that down!


  1. SexyRih

    Rih is soooooooo YuMmY

  2. Rihanna shorts
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    I bought this book,everyone made fun of me for bunyig it. but i dont care. this book is a masterpiece. oh btw ; I wish Gaga would come to my house and read stories to me I can’t belive how beautiful her voice is even when she’s talking.

  3. Bozo

    I bet he got to tap that keister!

  4. Rihanna shorts
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    … GET ! SUM …

  5. Rihanna shorts
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    … JUICY …

  6. Geovanny

    LOL at this song. I was reading an atrcile yesterday about how Tricky Stewart was bragging about how hot her music was and how he didne28099t know what single she chose to release, but it would have to be one of his club bangers! This definitely isne28099t a club banger! What I cane28099t stand is how they put that auto tune (not the t-pain voice but the fixing of the vocals) on full blast. In the beginning it doesne28099t even sound like her. This is boring and just another e2809ccrazye2809d song about a female going crazy wanting to kill somebody. And she made a dramatic scene over releasing this boring sh**??? It sounds similar to the ballads she has sung in the past. LOL at this track!!! Yea Rihanna, it sure is over!

  7. Rihanna shorts
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    Next stop: Broadway! Kinda reminds me of those show biz mgneaots, popular from the thirties then well into the fifties. It starts a shot of a billboard that features the performer billed at bottom. Then we see him/her onstage pattering something like, Here we are in Peoria, my favorite town . Then we hear the first bars of I’m Just Wild About Harry . Dissolve to a steam train rushing to the next town. Wipe to city sign: Welcome to Elko, Nevada Another billboard, billing slightly higher, then repeat all the rest with local city named. This goes on three of four times. Each time the same bars of the same song are repeated. Finally, the train reaches New York City, we see The Palace marquee, and the song finally is completed. Miss those mgneaots

  8. Rihanna shorts
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    Rihanna with the face like a Bulldog chewing a Wasp,

  9. Rihanna shorts
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    pure sluttery

  10. Rihanna shorts
    Federico Ortiz Jr
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  11. Rihanna shorts
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    Dirty ass bitch

  12. Rihanna shorts
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    jealous of lady gagas attention from terry and has to do it herself, ZZZzzzzzz

  13. Rihanna shorts
    dana benavides
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    She’s so beautiful, she doesnt need to do this kind of stuff to call the atention of the people… Dislike

  14. Rihanna shorts
    Moo Laa
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    a Hos a Ho

  15. Rihanna shorts
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    so hot

  16. Rihanna shorts
    Nkosikhona ''Chase-Junior'' Lasi
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    Riri u look awesome and i’m a best fan of u in africa….im chasejunior im 21 years old from south africa,East London…can we plz talk on twitter @chasejuniorlasi

  17. Rihanna shorts
    Dalibor Kriška
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    Hed is music Rihanna is love.

  18. Rihanna shorts
    Dalibor Kriška
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    I love iou Rihanna…

  19. Rihanna shorts
    Dalibor Kriška
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    I love you Rihanna _ http://www.ulozto.cz/záhada čiernookých deti

  20. Rihanna shorts
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    Welcome to whore’s era…when Women that should point at sofisticated manners decide to behave as cheap prostitutes. They should entertain us with good music instead of selling theirselves this way. Another one claiming for desperate attention! But arrived late.

    • Jay Valentin

      You Nailed it!

    • i know you make this comment from long time ago but i just can’t stand the hypocrisy toward female singers when you call woman whore and prostitute for just bieng sexy for mag shoot and she is not singing in the mag so you are sound just stupid
      and dont you think that she just love to look sexy and post for magazine just like she love singing why she shoudnt do it and its entrtain us more than music so speak for you are self because jealousy is just ugly not the people looks

  21. Rihanna shorts
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    i love ly self

  22. Rihanna shorts
    Fifty shades of lana del grey
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  23. Rihanna shorts
    Cecily Ginther
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    There are some interesting points in time in this blog but I don’t know if I see all of them center to heart. There is some truth but I will take hold opinion until I look into it further.


  24. Rihanna shorts
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    I love you’re the girl that every time I see makes me feel proud that I am yours france :d

  25. Rihanna shorts
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    i love you : riri

  26. Rihanna shorts
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    Full to watch the full free:http://csx.su/ywBZ

  27. Rihanna shorts
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    Oh My God, Naked Rihanna!!!!!


  28. Rihanna shorts
    shiine xasan
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    rihana u r so beuty full

  29. Rihanna shorts
    shiine xasan
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    realy i love u so much your song like man down

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