Phillip Phillips’ “Home”: Hear The Studio Version Of His ‘American Idol’ Coronation Song

Do you like Phillip PhillipsIdol winner’s song, America? Apparently you do! Since “Home” was slapped on iTunes following Tuesday night’s final performance round ahead of the American Idol finale, the single has become the top download on the retailer’s chart. And so it’s pretty safe to assume that, naturally, some of those 132 million votes that came in (!!) for the show’s results have translated into money spent on sending “Home” to its new home of #1.

The whimsical, plucky guitar tune was co-written by Drew Pearson and Greg Holden, and aims for a Coldplay-like ambiance. Does it succeed? We’ll let you be the judge. Give a listen to the studio version of “Home” below.

Phillip Phillips — “Home”

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  • marlayna smith

    very catchy! love it

  • Kelly

    That’s a great song, no matter who’s singing it. Kudos to the writers.

  • Brandi =]

    I love thiiiisss!!! =] I am sooo glad that he won American Idol! I loVe his genre of music and so glad that its not the same typical type of music that won!! =] he is AMAZING!

  • CB

    loved it last night when he got all emotional and went to his family. Very sweet, great song.

  • LMG

    Agree that this is the best first single from an Idol yet. This song is great but I can’t wait for what he puts out that he considers ‘his own’.

  • Ann

    love love love this song amazing, him hugging his family brought me to tears!!

  • Island

    Destined to be a hit!

  • Jo Luchka

    Home should be a great hit and so should Phillip. Thought he was one of the most original singers todate. No screaming….easy to listen to

  • Margaret

    Love this song! Wow, he saved the best for last.

  • Pamela Mazzarella

    Glad he won, what breath of fresh air.

  • Paulette Buffkin

    Phillip Phillips is so Real Love the song Home a Hit!!!!!

  • Kellie

    sounds alot like mumford & sons…….just saying

  • Beverly Lynn Mills

    I loved this song when he sang it on American Idol and cuddos for him going last, because he sure made a lasting impression on me. I’ve been a fan of his from his first audition to the end, he was the only one I voted for. Can’t wait till we get more!!!

  • Jo Ann

    Love him,a mixture of Mumford and Sons and Dave Matthews,so glad he won!!!

  • Grandma

    HOME what a beautiful song! And, what a great winner we have in Phillip Phillips – no pretense, just a down to earth talented guy! LOVE HIM!

  • Cindy Overton

    Love this song, love that guy! He is my American Idol! Congratulations Phillip Phillips

  • LisaW

    In a market of cookie cutter singers, Phillip is an original and true artist. This song makes you sit up and take notice. God bless you Phil, good luck with your surgery!

  • marisa

    Well done America for recognizing the gift that is Phillip! I hope the love you channel through your music is sent right back to you a million fold to continually overflow from your heart and heal your kidneys! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE and THANK YOU!

  • kbailey

    Definitely an American Idol! Good luck and God Bless you!!

  • Mel

    I’m so gald he won. When Jennifer Lopez ran on the stage to save Jessica and said, “vote for the best people.” And Randy Jackson said, “this is a singing competition.” Well, I thought how dare you tell me what speaks to me. That’s like saying I have to like Whitney Houston (RIP) over Paul Simon or James Taylor because she can scream in tune. Yay Phillip. Agree, only winner song I’ve ever cared to own or even listen to twice.

  • Gma

    I’ve loved his voice, personality and wonderful stage presence from day one. He’s a true performer, with great talent. He’s a natural! ‘Home” is fantastic! Can’t wait for his first album. Bless him and his loving Family.

  • Gregg F.

    A Great beginning for a Great musician…Good Luck Phillip….I’m Glad I voted for a winner!!!!
    ps….while on tour do songs with Elise…you 2 sounded great together!!!!

    • R Prlor

      Phil Phillips a true American Idol. A great down to earth person just like Carrie Underwood. They are the two top AI’s from the start. What a great song “Home”.

  • Kathy Lynch

    song sounds very Mumford and Sons, right?

  • Melodee

    I think Phillip Phillips is a great artist because of his originality and simple sound. You don’t have to do a million runs in a song to be a great musician. There was a lot of great talent this year and I don’t think you could have went wrong with any of them. It is truly what you enjoy to listen to.

  • sally

    Defiantly the best written idol sing yet. Fantastic job by Phillip for bringing it to life.

  • Trisha

    I never knew Philip Phillips underwent kidney surgeries while doing American Idol… What a stud! He is the most humble artist I have seen in a while.. how refreshing! His voice, his originality, that is what it is all about. Cheers to you Philip!

  • RW

    Great fresh new sound

  • snoelle

    I absolutely love him! I picked him from the very first audition!!! I knew would win it all! Great song and best of luck in your surgery and future!

  • Peggy

    He is the best and will have a fruitful career in the music industry.. The #1 Winner from beginning to end of Idol .. Just an Awesome Young Adult!!

  • rose deering

    philip is a great singer and a a great person. this was one of the best show’s . i really love american idol.

  • Star

    There is a God! If Jessica had won I vowed never to watch AI again. So, I guess I’ll be watching again next season. For once America picked the right person.

  • Tammy

    Definitely a grabber catching song. Loved it. a little Paul Simon. Look forward to hearing some of his original music.

  • patricia

    thats the best I heard him sing, sorry I live about 35 minuts from leesburg but he just didn’t sing well to me,

  • patricia

    My granddaughter sat in front of him in one of their classes in hs, she had a big crush on him , but she even agrees he can’t sing

  • joan

    what a great song, he sings from the heart, God blessed him with a great talent. the derryberrys from alabama

  • Diamond Fan

    I have to admit I was not a fan of Phillip until the last two shows. I absolutely the song Home and am truly glad he won. He does not have the best voice of the competition but he is original and really like that he is a true artist. It is not always about the best voice!

  • Jen

    I love this song. I’m so glad he won. Can’t wait for his album.

  • sue

    way to go Phillip ,that song is so beautiful you made it and I knew you would. Phillip your showmanship and your voice will go a long way.I would love to go and meet you at your concert,good luck on your surgery.Phillip your not so bad to look at either, really handsome if I was a lot younger oh what we could do together. Love you

  • Patti

    Wow the people who think Phillip can’t sing must have tin ears. If this is how Phillip sings having undergone so many surgeries, I can’t wait to hear him when he is all better. I will be buying EVERYTHING he releases. I feel sorry for people who just don’t get what he’s putting out. His voice is a gift from God.

  • Rich


  • kevin

    great song!!! Way 2 go Phillip

  • USN wife

    The words to this song reminded me of the many, many places that I was moved to due to my husbands military service.

  • Irene

    There were alot of good singers this year on Idol. However, there are thousands who sound like them. Phillip didnt. He was unique and there is no one who sounds like him currently. This is the reason I voted for him. I go for the individuals who are unique and dont sound like everyone else in the industry. I wish Phillip a fast recovery and wish him the best. Love you.

  • Vivian Broshious

    I just love this one it was done by Phillip Phillips with such beautiy and taste who could’nt love this song?

  • James Bolt

    He basically repeats a few verses and sings in the same tune…like dozens of other country bar singers across america…nothing fresh or original sorry to say…70 pct is music background and he only sings 30 pct….

  • Barbara

    Phillip is GREAT. I love the Home song. He did an excellent job., It’s great to have a singer that you can inderstand all of his words, fantastic. Also it was beatiful and I loved the music with his voice. I much rather have a singer that you can understand than all of the screaming going on.

  • supermariah

    Look who’s Bz now? hAHAHAha

  • Gigi

    it is more than a great song, it is a great and inspiring story when someone over comes real life issues and takes us away at the same time. amazing in every way and good luck phillip

  • joe stanchina

    Phillip dude we miss hearing ya’ll sing here at locos pud & grill in albany ga!! Come back 1 more time

  • MAX