Rihanna Gets Nude For Nude

It’s kind of remarkable, really, that Rihanna can still make headlines by stripping down. Credit this time goes to Melissa Forde, who took to Instagram to share behind-the-scenes photos from RiRi’s Nude fragrance shoot featuring the pop star — yep! you guessed it — nude. (We’d like to go out on a limb and say that “Where Have You Been” is actually a song about Rihanna’s clothing lately.) Head below to see some steamy pics of Rihanna in her “Birthday Cake” suit, and in equally shocking news, please note that the sky remains blue.

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  • elliott

    What a Waste

  • Dame

    She looks like a crackhead… wtf is wrong with this chick besides Brown? Agree w/elliott… complete waste.

  • Libradeb

    Can this young women at least try to pull her stuff together? Does she realize what an embarrassment she is becoming to young Black women around the country? I empathize with her but I can’t condone her constant slutty attitude. She has everything she needs to be a real star. What is going on with you Rhianna? Not sexy at all!!

    • Wlewi0203

      I believe she is only one person so what you should have said was “Can this young womAn at least try to pull her stuff together?” And it has nothing to do with being a slut and everything to do with being comfortable with ones own body. How is she an embarrassment to ALL black women when true African women proudly walk with their breast exposed and when thousands of articles show nude black women exposed with the caption ” Black is beautiful” you see more so called sluts actually dressed in clothing walking the local streets but if this is your definition of a slut then we all see how the world has changed

  • Anthony

    Whatever. She has the body and the ‘balls’ to do it…let her live. Young black women have a bunch of suitable role models to emulate (Oprah, Michelle Obama.. hell even Raven-Symoné). There are both upstanding and god-awful white women our there too, but no one ever says that one particular trollop is responsible for all the young women of that racial group. It’s all about balance and making sure we communicate that to our young women.


      I totally agree with you Anthony. I would however love to see Rihanna calm down and stop making herself look like she something she’s not, like (slutty). I like Rihanna, I am a big fan of hers and I want her to be around for a long time being successful.

  • J. A. Harris

    Riri has definitely had better photos taken of her, not her best. However, it’s apparent that she’s not trying to be a role model, she’s just trying to “do her” right now and if that means posing stark naked in front of a camera she’s going to do it.
    I agree 100% with Anthony’s comment. People need to come off of the “she needs an embarrassment to young women around the country”. There are much more embarrassing things that WE have done in our own daily lives to negate the views that we hold so dear. It’s about the process that we go through to get to where we are and everyone achieves that differently.
    What’s so wrong with being naked anyway? Women need to know it’s ok to celebrate their bodies too. Everyday we’re subjected to being treated as objects, and now that a woman is in control and taking ownership of her own body she’s under scrutiny? There’s something to be said for that as well.

  • cam

    you people talk as if you know her personally ” I dont want to see her act like something shes not.” how the hell do you know who she is? you just know her music..stop being so quick to judge.