Is Kanye West Auctioning His Air Yeezy II Sneakers For $90,000?

Sneaker collectors everywhere braved the heat for an opportunity to score Nike’s hottest shoe, the Kanye West-designed Air Yeezy II this weekend. Those vying for a pair of the limited-release kicks camped out in long lines, anxiously awaiting their shot at one of the 3,000 to 5,000 pairs released worldwide.

Released Saturday (June 9), the Air Yeezy IIs forced sneakerheads to compete for a chance to own or resell the neon-soled, anaconda-textured shoes — which kind of remind us of Bart Simpson — with one eBay seller auctioning off a pre-ordered pair for an astronomical $90,300, well over the shoe’s $245 retail price.

The frenzy over the sneakers reached such heights that one Yahoo! contributor even speculated that the eBay bid came from the rapper himself in an attempt to hype the shoes’ release.

“It’s a genius move if you think about it,” he writes. “There’s no better way to promote your product than to make it viral on the Internet.”

And it seems to be paying off. Business Insider called the Air Yeezy II “the most anticipated shoe ever,” and the long lines outside storefronts only fed the hype.

The Kanye West-tailored sneaker is the second installment to 2009’s Air Yeezy. According to the company’s website, the Yeezy IIs are available in platinum and black editions both featuring a reptilian-spiked rear, a loop strap with hieroglyphics that spell out “YZY”, and a leather lace toggle emblazoned with the Roman numeral II – just as luxurious and loud as the rapper himself.

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