Rihanna Refuses To Take A Break, Begins Work On Seventh Album

Rihanna has released six albums since she first arrived on the music scene in 2005 — that’s a brand new album nearly once a year. (2008 was the only year without a studio release, and probably the last time Rihanna had a nap.) Despite her recent struggles with exhaustion, the side effect from an incredibly hectic schedule that RiRi has confessed often leaves her in tears, the pop star has begun working on her next album. 

The “Where Have You Been” singer was spotted in London yesterday, and has reportedly booked three studio days with British producers ahead of her headlining spot at Radio 1′s Hackney Weekend on June 24. So far she’s lined up EDM DJs Nicky Romero and Burns (Marina And The Diamonds), as well as Eric Bellinger (Chris Brown), Sean Garrett (Usher) and Swedish House Mafia.

In addition to a brand new album, the pop star is also planning to embark on a world tour in 2013. “We’re going to be going on tour next year,” she recently said. “So this year we’re spending our time planning to make sure it’s bigger than anything we’ve done and something more impactful, maybe something different, so my fans can get excited about it.”

Let’s hope Rihanna pencils in some R&R in 2014.

[Via Digital Spy, That Grape Juice]

  • Elijah

    Even 2008 had the Good Girl Gone Bad re-release, which added two #1 singles to her chart history. I’m just wondering when one of these releases is going to just be a Greatest Hits album or something.

  • Naomi

    Can’t these artists just take a damn break? They keep churning out these albums like water. I think she’s just doing this to stay relevant. She’s not really a good singer by the way. It looks like she only focuses on making good singles instead of good albums.

  • Luke

    seems likes its all about quantity instead of quality for these artists. I’m so tired of rihannas, gagas, beyonces, and Katys… Its al crap music

  • Really?

    Tell it to the guys (and gals) digging ditches or working in coal mines. Yeah, she’s a really hard worker…