Adam Lambert Covers Bob Marley’s “Is This Love” Live In Sydney: Watch

Adam Lambert Bob Marley Sydney Is This Love
The Glam One Covers A Reggae Classic
Thirty-one years after his death, many artists have paid tribute to music legend Bob Marley by covering his classic songs. And Adam Lambert has now added his name to that list. The newly-blond pop-rocker jetted to Australia to do promotion behind his sophomore LP Trespassing, and hit up Sydney’s Top 40 Live Lounge for a performance that included Marley’s “Is This Love” on the setlist.

The song was originally released in 1978. We dig how Adam managed to give it a new spin while still maintaining the original’s reggae vibe. Give his rendition a listen above and let us know if you think Lambert did the classic tune justice.

  • Shannon

    Further proof that Adam Lambert is one of the most gifted singers of our day. He can sing anything!

    • rosy

      completely agree :)

    • MaggieMagoo

      Absolutely! but “my day” was 50 years ago and he is the best of that “day” too. Truth is, Adam Lambert is the finest vocal talent (and performing artist) any of us now or into the far future is likely to be blessed to hear and, defiinitely–see. (I’m not blind yet!) so ENJOY this good man’s gift to the world and pity the fools who don’t.

  • Jenna Gold

    He did a gorgeous job, I love when he takes a song we know, sings it live and just does his own thing with it. His voice is so smooth and sexy in this, it”s literally music to the ears in the best possible way. He’s so talented. It’s great to be able to hear the voice tone with nothing else to distract — uh, except his beauty ;)

  • Judy

    One of the things I love about Adam is his ability to sing any genre,he did an incredible version of This Is Love,the man can sing anything

  • terry

    This is a softer gentler version, sexy as all get out! I’ve known and loved this song since the early eighties. It’s the only actual love song Bob ever wrote, for his then girlfriend, Rita. They had very little materially, thus the words.

    It’s wonderful to have Adam do a real love song. It pulls at our heartstrings! Adam is a master at any genre!

  • Mona

    I love it.

  • Bil

    This is so hot; dude just kills it ev-er-y time. He always delivers, never disappoints. Check him out, Trespassing is sick.

  • Jesse555

    I can’t stop listening and viewing this gem! Adam keeps the reggae vibe, while giving it a pop spin. There is literally no genre Adam can’t sing to perfection (maybe not rap???). Why is the finest vocalist of this generation so underrated, especially in the US. If he’s good enough for Queen, why isn’t he good enough for US radio???? I think partially, it’s because his singing makes most seem so sub par. Adam is brilliant.

  • Alexandra

    I LOVE it! I listened to it all day yesterday and am STILL listening to it today! Adam puts his heart and soul into everything he does, and this performance was especially touching.

  • Judy

    Forgot to mention in my last post that I’m addicted to watching this ,can’t help myself !

  • miller

    Love his cover. He is simply the best male vocalist around.

  • lorraine

    Adam makes his cover of Bob Marley”s IS THIS LOVE? seem effortless. His beautiful voice takes me anywhere he wants to take me—in this case, back to a lovely tropical island.

  • Lisa

    His voice is simply golden! Truely a spectacular talent.

  • Trish Bulling

    I was literally 3 feet from him when he sung this song live. It was mesmerising. A memory I will keep with me forever. He was so into the vibe of the song and you can tell it just made him feel happy

  • Karen Connors

    Is This Love video that works is here ;)

  • Nj

    Adam never stops to amaze me !

  • tess4ADAM

    I’d never heard this song until I saw this video by ADAM … of course I’ve added it to my list of faves. ADAM NEVER DISAPOINTS!!

    tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

  • Lilly

    If you have followed Adam’s life and know how much in love he is, the performance makes your heart melt. His fans noticed that he had changed the lyrics a bit to match his own relationship.

  • rubykarat

    Love this cover! Adam is simply the best vocalist I have ever heard and he never fails to do justice to every song he sings