Nikki Williams’ “Glowing”: Hear The Dance-Pop Single

Nov 26th, 2012 // 3 Comments
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Nikki Williams "Glowing" Single Cover Artwork

South African-born songstress Nikki Williams set the bar impossibly high with her first single “Kill, Fuck, Marry” — a Sia-penned, Stargate-produced midtempo with majestically melodramatic production and the cleverest concept in a minute — but her next offering, “Glowing,” is equally impressive, even if it’s a departure from the sound of her debut. A house-inspired dance track with a synth riff that’s reminiscent of Kelly Clarkson‘s “Catch My Breath” and a throbbing backbeat, it’s a little sad but also optimistic — exactly the type of lonely-on-the-dancefloor track that should smash in the club.

“A million hearts, you’re the only one / Who lights me up, like I’m glowing in the dark,” she roars on the massive chorus. Our prediction? With the right promo, it’ll be the first of many radio hits for Williams. Listen after the jump.

Nikki Williams — “Glowing”

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  1. Jason Woodard

    Great song! Nikki has a great voice!!

  2. Ronald Lobjoit

    Brilliant!!! Been waiting forever for her to hit the charts and she’s certain to make waves with this!!!

  3. This is why we love Nikki! Follow her official fan page on Facebook at

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