Fall Out Boy’s “Save Rock And Roll”: Review Revue

After a four-year hiatus, Fall Out Boy are back today with their fifth studio album, Save Rock And Roll. Foxes, Elton John, Courtney Love and Big Sean are along for pop punk band’s return ride, via their individual features on various tracks, and the album has been called more “Rihanna than the Ramones.” Head below to see how the rest of the Internet weighed in on Save Rock And Roll, then let us know your thoughts on FOB’s new record.

:: Rolling Stone sees the merit in the band’s return: “Does rock’s future depend on this overheated nonsense? Of course not. But life is more fun with Fall Out Boy than without them.”

:: USA Today feels the band still fits in with the sound of radio today: “FOB revels in a post-fun. pop celebration, inviting rock fixtures Elton John and Courtney Love, rappers Big Sean and 2 Chainz and British singer Foxes to the party. The album’s bombast comes closer to dance-rock than pop-punk, but that’s more a matter of production than tempo.”

:: EW doesn’t overthink the album too much: “There’s not much psychological processing on Save Rock And Roll, but it does advance FOB’s vision of an uber-inclusive guitar-pop utopia: Album opener ‘The Phoenix’ delivers a jagged death-disco groove, and rapper Big Sean stops by to spit some welcome swagger over the exquisitely sample-heavy ‘The Mighty Fall’.”

:: All Music isn’t sure they’re in on the joke: “One of the great things about Fall Out Boy — the thing that’s infuriating and intoxicating in equal measure — is that it’s difficult to discern where their sincerity ends and their parody begins. That’s particularly true of Save Rock And Roll, where the group is negotiating its rapidly approaching maturity along with the fashions of the time.”

:: Gigwise feels that no time has gone by since the band’s last record: “The album boasts collaborations with everyone from Big Sean to Courtney Love to Elton John. Fall Out Boy show that their knack of making supremely catchy pop-rock hits hasn’t left them, and it’s almost like they were never gone.”

:: Alter The Press has been saved: “Save Rock And Roll is an album full to the brim with distorted, melodious goodness, which has been crafted into a record that is guaranteed to sound just as insane live as it can blasting through the stereo.”

:: Fortitude Magazine thinks the haters need to step off: “One thing’s for certain, Save Rock And Roll isn’t Fall Out Boy ‘selling out’ or ‘leaving behind their pop punk roots’, which I’ve seen plastered all over the internet. This is Fall Out Boy doing what they do best. Making great music, that they feel proud of, music that they want to make, not caring what others say they should make and that is why this band will always be brilliant and will always grow and will never disappoint.”

:: Finally, MTV Buzzworthy sums it up with this: “‘Put on your war paint,’ Patrick Stump proclaims on ‘Phoenix,’ the first song on Fall Out Boy’s long-awaited Save Rock and Roll, and it sounds like he means it. It’s a call to arms that sets the pace for the beloved band’s surprising return, and they’ve come ready to battle, with 11 hard-charging songs and a bevy of guests.”

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