Natalia Kills’ “Feel Myself”: Hear The Dark, Clattering Track

Lipstick, lies, tears, tragedy! Natalia Kills has a new tune out (following past buzz tracks “Controversy” and “Problem,” and this one’s all about her feelin’ herself (which is something that she does quite well). The song, “Feel Myself,” is nice and menacing — a repeated vocal sample, “I just wanna feel myself,” repeats over a bleeps-and-bloops thudding beat as Kills half-raps lazily about how debauched her life is. “Rich boy manners / Champagne glasses / Eightball habits / Eighteen carats,” she intones. Let’s just put it all out there.

Her rhymes are dryly clever, and it’s nice that she’s departed a little bit from the Lady Gaga-lite sound of her debut, which was interesting but derivative. This new sound feels authentically dark and resigned to its darkness, like she’s put aside the posturing — and it works for her, mostly. Listen after the jump.

Natalia Kills — “Feel Myself”

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