Kanye West Cryptically Tweeted Something About June 18, So Let’s Say It’s A Release Date

This morning, Lanvin incidental spokesmodel, rap superstar and Kardashian keeper-upper Kanye West tweeted simply, “June Eighteen.” (Before doing so he deleted all of his tweets, which is probably unwise from a social media strategy standpoint, but it looks pretty badass.)

So what does it all mean, Yeezy?

This is a tough one to interpret, but we’re going to go out on a limb and assume that it’s a release date of some kind. An album, probably, since his is supportably done. Maybe a single. Maybe it’s the official release date of The Greatest Baby Who Ever Lived. Maybe somebody called in a favor and June 18 will mark the release of new line of Rob Kardashian socks. Who knows?

So yes, probably a release date. Or the socks thing.

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